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Acticin Topical (Generic)

Acticin Topical (Generic)

Acticin Topical (Generic) cream containing permethrin as an active ingredient is an anti-parasite medicine. It is used for treating scabies by killing scabies mites. It is intended for use only on the skin or hair avoiding open cuts or wounds, and is not for oral administration.

In case of detecting scabies mite, lice or nits in hair-scalp junctions, one should apply the cream to the affected surfaces. In case of scabies the cream is usually applied to the whole body for 8-14 hours; in case of head pediculosis it is spreaded to washed hair for 10 minutes; in case of pediculosis pubis it is applied to pubic hair for 10 minutes.

Generic Acticin is also available in the market as Permethrin and Elimite.

The manufacturer of Acticin® is BERTEK Pharmacuticals Inc.