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Phenergan (Generic)

Phenergan (Generic)

Phenergan (generic), also known as promethazine, belongs to the group of antihistamine medicines. It helps you get rid of rashes, red eyes, inflammations and stuffed or running nose. It deals with almost all types of all seasonal allergic reactions. Besides, Phenergan frees you from annoying itching and uncomfortable hives. No redness or allergic swelling will ruin your day if you take generic Phenergan on a regular basis, provided that you have consulted your physician. Released in the form of tablets, Phenergan is a powerful drug that able to cope with severe allergic reactions, including anaphylactic shock.

Phenergan is also marketed as Tanidil, Promethazine, Receptozine and Avomine.

*Phenergan® is a registered trademark of Wyeth.